Travel Insurance

We’re here to help you travel with peace of mind. Whether you’re travelling within Canada, or you have your eyes set on an international destination, New World Insurance can help.

If you’re travelling alone, with friends or with your family, we know there can be quite a few stressors involved. Lost luggage, medical emergencies, cancelled flights or other trip interruptions can put a strain on your plans. That’s where travel insurance can help.

Travel insurance

Travel Insurance Coverage

Emergency Medical Benefits

No one plans to have an accident or require medical care while away from home. Emergency Medical is helpful should you run into any health scares on your trip. It includes access to urgent medical services like an ambulance, prescription drugs, physician care, and other medical requirements in the event of injury, accident, or illness.

Trip Cancellation & Interruptions

This coverage reimburses you for travel expenses if you need to recover lost baggage, rebook cancelled flights, or book additional accommodations if your trip is disrupted.

Single-Trip or Multi-Trip Benefits

You can purchase one-time or ongoing, multi-trip coverage based on how often you travel.

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