Business Insurance

At New World Insurance, we know a lot goes into building businesses. Understanding the different coverages and what they mean can be tricky. Every business is different, and that means you need a customized policy that protects you from potential threats or risks. Our brokers are here to help.

Tell us about your business. We’ll ask additional questions to fully understand your operations and create a policy that suits you. You’ve worked hard to make your dream a reality – let us help you protect your time and effort.

Business insurance

Commercial Insurance Coverages

Commercial Auto

This insurance applies to any vehicles used or owned in your business. It’s there to protect you against liability from accidents or injuries that involve your business vehicle(s). Your personal vehicle insurance doesn’t offer the same coverages, so it’s important to have a separate policy if you’re using specific vehicles for business operations such as customer deliveries.

Commercial Property

This insurance protects your business from a loss if you rent or own office space, create products, manage inventory, rent, or lease equipment or maintain property owned by others. Just like your home, your business could face unforeseen events like fire or water damage, vandalism, or theft. You may even be responsible for the property of customers or employees, so it’s important to speak with your New World Insurance broker to explain the ins and outs of your business.

Commercial General Liability

This coverage protects all types of businesses and professions from potential lawsuits that could cause financial and reputational damage to your business. Liability insurance protects you from the financial burden of lawsuits or claims, so you can continue to work.

Additional Commercial Insurance Coverages

Cyber Insurance

If you store any kind of data or customer information, you can be a target of cyber crime. Cyber criminals don’t care if your operations are big or small. New World Insurance is here to help protect your business from these online threats.

Errors and Omissions

Errors and omissions liability insurance protects you as a professional if a customer alleges that your negligence or actions caused them a financial loss. This could be due to a mistake where you failed to meet one of your responsibilities or where a requirement of your profession may have led to serious consequences. Unfortunately, this can jeopardize not only the financial security of your business but your personal assets too.

Directors and Officers

Directors and officers of businesses or non-profit organizations can face many liable situations like wrongful dismissal, bankruptcy or defamation. This insurance covers damages and legal fees from wrongful acts committed while performing your duties such as negligence, misconduct, errors and omissions, breach of duty, misleading statements or anything that could be held against you as someone in your role.

Fidelity (Crime) Insurance

This coverage protects you from fraud or theft. The sad reality is that employees or others may steal from you. Merchandise, supplies, unfinished products, money, stocks, or other items can be stolen from your business. And if your business is legally responsible for customers’ property or money, this insurance can help support these losses too.

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